• Laura Le Blanc

Why Getting Organized Isn't As Hard As You Think

Sure, the house is a total mess and every closet is jammed packed full of stuff. You can never find what you’re looking for and neither can anyone else. It’s easy to see you need to get organized. But, quite frankly, you don’t have the time to take on such a monumental task.

Or do you?

What if I told you that getting organized isn’t nearly as hard as you think it is? What if I told you with the proper support, guidance and tools you could not only organize every space in your home in just a few short months, but also develop all the skills and tools necessary to maintain it indefinitely!?

Now are you listening?

Read on for five reasons why it's not as hard as you think to get organized.


We Tend to Over-complicate Things

Getting organized is as simple as setting the time away to sort through your stuff. But when there is a whole house of things and a bunch of people in it too, this seemingly simple task can seem overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.

Yes it takes time, but when you’ve got the support you need, someone to plan it all out for you and assist you with each step you take the guess work and anxiety out of it.


You Get a Huge Sense of Accomplishment

From Finishing a Project

There is nothing quite like seeing the fruits of your labour come together. Seeing one space totally transformed provides an incredible sense of accomplishment. You can’t help but pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for your hard- work. Even better is when your family is even more blown away by the results and showers praises on you for it. Suddenly you are the Queen/King of the universe – in case they hadn’t noticed before. You’re welcome.


Your Whole Family Can Get Involved

Even better than all the praise they will shower on you if you do it yourself, is all the energy you will save by getting everyone involved. You’re not the only one living in your home, and you shouldn’t be the only one organizing it and keeping it up either. A family home is a family effort, so get everyone involved and invested in their spaces. I love when I can work with a whole family and not just mom or dad. Maintaining results is much easier if everyone has been involved in the whole process.

Sorry kids, chore time!


It Will Make You Smile!

I tend to dance a lot while I’m decluttering . . . . but maybe that’s just me. Even if you can’t get that energy pumping while you’re in the thick of it, you won’t be able to hide your smile when the results come together or you see your kids developing new, healthy habits. Opening a closet and not having anything fall on you is pretty nice too.

“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned".

- Benjamin Franklin -


It's Worth Every Minute!

Benjamin Franklin told us “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned,” and I couldn’t agree more! Honestly the time you invest into aligning your home and self, will multiply tenfold in time you will make available for yourself, for your family and simply time for more love and joy in your life.

Yeah, getting organized is hard. But YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS!

And . . . I can Help!


I have a few breakthrough calls available on Monday for people who are ready to take the plunge into transforming their home! Let’s make a plan for how to get your home where you want it, no cost, no strings attached!

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