• Laura Le Blanc

Learning to Let Go

As a professional organizer, I help my clients let go of a lot of physical clutter. But as a mentor, I try to help them let go of much more than that.

I work with a lot of parents - new and seasoned pros - and it seems we all spend the first part of our lives winding ourselves up. As we process the stories of our lives and store all the information, emotions, and experiences, we stress ourselves out figuring out who we think we're supposed to be.

But here's the thing. We all get stuck eventually. We all reach a point where we can't keep winding. When we have to let go, unravel and just be. It's unavoidable.

That point comes for everyone and it can happen in one of two ways.

For people who have been quick to add tension, those that take on too much pressure or just allow themselves to get wound up too tight, for too long, the unravel will likely be scary and leave you spinning. But it doesn't have to.

We all reach a point when we have to let go of expectations, disappointments, resentments or felt failures that we've been holding onto (maybe unconsciously) for too long.

And it can be a beautiful thing!

Those that can learn to live well, in alignment with love and spirit, will see their life unravel with beautiful and blissful enjoyment.

Where are you on your journey?

Are you still winding yourself up trying to live up to unrealistic expectations, putting too much pressure to do everything perfect?

Are you past that point but still feel stuck, unable to let go of complete control?

Letting go doesn't have to come at the cost of spinning out. I hope it doesn't for you.

Sometimes it takes us getting to our breaking point, but no matter how and when it happens, it's never all at once.

This is a process.

It happens as we begin to learn to love and accept ourselves for exactly as we are.

It happens as we learn to truly be able to forgive and let go of blame.

It happens as we learn to create boundaries around other people's expectations of us and our expectations of others.

It happens as we learn that progress is so much more important than perfection and deserves to be celebrated!

Are you ready to let go of all the things that have been winding you up and keeping you stuck? If you're ready for a sacred online immersion to declutter your life, and shift from burnt out mama to vibrant woman connected to her power, truth and purpose, then get on a call with me. I can't wait to take you on this sacred journey.


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