• Laura Le Blanc

Cleaning Covid-19 Style

It’s a crazy world we live in and never in my life have I seen anything like Covid-19. With the never ending news of new cases being reported, and governments, businesses and social institutions taking measures never seen before in my lifetime to stop its spread, it’s obvious that it’s time to take this seriously.

While we are being encouraged to practice social distancing to prevent contagion, I wanted to talk about what we can do in our homes to disinfect, whether its for Covid-19 or any other virus. Because, truthfully, the way most people clean, does not disinfect.

There is a really common misconception I want to set straight right now. Your All Purpose Cleaners DOES NOT disinfect.

Disinfectant (like bleach) and All Purpose Cleaner, are two very different products that have different purposes. Your All Purpose Cleaner will wipe away dirt and grime, remove stains from counters, sinks and tubs - but it will not disinfect those surfaces.

On the flip side. A disinfectant, like bleach, WILL disinfect when used properly, but it will not remove any dirt stains from your counters, tubs or sinks (in fact it will set them).

So there you go. The truth about All Purpose Cleaners vs. Bleach.

But AP cleaners aren’t useless. They play an important role in a two-step cleaning process. That being Step One - Cleaning

But most of us often forget Step Two - Disinfecting

So now let’s talk a little bit more about the most popular disinfectant, bleach. Because in these days of Covid-19, bleach is what will actually disinfect your home (if used properly).

We have very little control over how this disease will continue to spread. But we can do our best to keep our own homes healthy and disinfected.

So here are some tips on the best ways to safely clean & disinfect your home with bleach.

Hard surfaces, kitchen and bathroom:

  1. Start with an All Purpose Cleaner or soap and water to remove dirt and grime.

  2. Dilute bleach 1:10 - Your bleach disinfectant solution should be 1 part bleach to 9 parts room-temperature water. (Do not mix bleach with hot water, vinegar or ammonia!)

  3. Spray or wipe on surfaces (wear rubber gloves) and leave to sit for at least 5 minutes! - I can’t stress this enough. It’s no use to spray and wipe away. Not even bleach kills on contact, it needs time to work. So give it time to do its job, 10 minutes is ideal when disinfecting.

  4. Rinse with water and allow to air dry.


Plastic toys can be disinfected in a solution of 1/2cup bleach and one gallon of water. Leave them to soak for five minutes and then rinse them well.

Bleach can also be used to disinfect fabrics in the washing machine. A lot of coloured fabrics are bleach-safe, but you can test a diluted mixture on a corner to be sure. For disinfecting, toss stuffed toys in the washing machine with ⅓ cup of bleach for high efficiency machines, or ½ cup for standard machines. Make sure to add it to the water and not directly in the drum where the fabrics will touch before its diluted.

Don’t forget door handles, cabinet knobs and light switches!

So there you go! My top tips on disinfecting. I hope they help you keep your home and family healthy!

Take care of yourself.

Much love,



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